The Sauce

Creamy, buttery flavor. Slightly tangy, but not at all hot.

Barely Hot
Tangy with just a hint of spice.

Traditional tangy buffalo wing flavor, with a medium spice

Garlic Hot
We add a garlicky twist to the traditional buffalo flavor… Our most popular sauce.

Golden Hot
Creamy, buttery flavor. Not as much of our tangy buffalo flavor, but just the right kick.

Tangy buffalo inspired sauce, fresh jalapenos. Lots of heat and lots of flavor.

Bear Hot
Three powerful chilies unite to awaken your senses. Be careful with this one, it will make you feel alive.

Sweet traditional BBQ sauce.

A sweet, flavorful glaze.

Buffalo BBQ
Our traditional BBQ with a tangy kick.

Hot Teriyaki
Our traditional Teriyaki with a tangy kick.

A unique sweet, tangy, and spicy Asian style sauce.

Angry Pooh Bear
Delicious mix of gold bear and honey.

Garlic Parmesan
O so yummy, enough said.

Chile Mango
Tastes like Mexican Candy